Tourism Development, Project Management and Hotel & Tourism Consulting – the three strategic business divisions of the internationally operating tourism service provider Michaeler & Partner. An exemplary full 360° range of services.

International achievements in any successful company are based on a solid foundation. For Michaeler & Partner this foundation is laid by a team of experienced employees which are working in two different locations, Vahrn (I) and Vienna (A), and are characterized by their holistic thinking, progressive policies, as well as continuous professional and personal development. A network which executes projects on an international basis in the Alps-Adriatic region, Central Eastern Europe- (CEE) and South Eastern Europe (SEE). The company offers comprehensive international expertise for investors, banks and entrepreneurs in the fields of conception to implementation of a tourism project as well as from strategic consulting to full-year care.

From the planning stage of a tourism project onwards one has to focus on achieving an optimal balance between investment cost and the respective return.
Regarding already existing hotel properties the range of services is composed of economic indicators, operational processes as well as the technical inventory. Taking a more economical perspective into consideration customized offers in the fields of controlling, marketing or work-flow optimization are our expertise. In the technical spheres, the value of a property is being optimized and secured in the long term through necessary refurbishment measures.

The team of Michaeler & Partner jointly pursues the goal of addressing the topic of sustainability in tourism and to promote further progress in that field. In particular, the team tries to foster the creation of environmentally friendly resources and opportunities, which efficiently align to economic and social requirements of construction projects in the long-term.